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The term pop music most often associated with music sold heavy commercial manner began around nineteen fifties. The term, of course, mean popular music. See this in a broader sense it can mean music that is generally popular among the masses as opposed to some ‘serious music’ should have been difficult to comprehend and only enjoyed by geeks in their ivory towers.

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Let us take, for example, the following pieces of lyrics from “Rock ‘n Roll Music;”

‘I have no kick against modern jazz

Unless they try to play it too darn fast

And change the beauty of melody

Until it sounds like a symphony ‘

Justified, by the way, I guess because of modern Jazz trying to be ‘serious art form.’ But you get the idea; people like the simple beauty of the melodies and do not need all the complexity. There is more to it, as we’ll see.

Back in the day; sixteen hundreds or earlier, say, the Church has a thumb on pretty much everything that goes and that includes music. Prior to this, in the dark ages, the church allowed no music at all. Then they let the singing. if you’ve heard ‘Gregorian Chant,’ you might have liked but you have to admit that it does not quite rock and roll. Church allowed no instrument for a long time. One reason for this is that the instrument of the Roman and the church has nothing of the old Rome. More likely, the church wants nothing that will stimulate or excite anyone outside subject to a trans-like state of mind.

Fast forward to the sixteen hundreds and we have a Lutheran Church. Martin Luther was excommunicated by the Catholic Church. What his heinous crime? He translated from the Latin church service in a language people can understand. Prior to this, people come to church every week and have little idea of ​​what was going on. People can not read and the Church, before this, was not interested in teaching them to. Now people are taught to read.

Music flowering, so to speak, in the church, with the ‘High Baroque’ music is very ornate and complex indeed, somewhat marked by music J.S. Bach. Bach had several children now famous composer and one busy with the ‘new music,’ which is what we usually call ‘Classical Music.’

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